Why you should watch La la Land

La la Land is a story revolving around a young musician named Sebastian and his relationship with a young actress Mia. While both are drawn to one another through their mutual desire to pursue their dream job, it is also these desires that soon form cracks in their relationship. As they became more and more successful in their respective fields, both Sebastian and Mia soon realized that they had unknowingly drifted further from one another and threatened their love affair.

Photo Source: Dale Robinette/Courtesy of Lionsgate Entertainment Inc

La la land is not merely a cliché love story, but also a story filled with personal struggle and highlights the dark side of the lives that aspiring actors and musicians have to face to achieve fame. Combined with the superb acting of Ryan Gosling as Sebastian and Emma Stone as Mia, the movie is a magical ride of emotion for its audience. Told through the form of a musical with playlists filled with memorable songs, La la land will surely win over even the pickiest of audiences.