Why you should read/watch Nobody's Boy (Sans Famille)

Nobody’s Boy (Original French title: Sans Famille) is a novel by Hector Marlot that has become a beloved classic for children and adults alike worldwide. The story follows an orphan boy, Remi, who was forced to leave his adoptive mother to follow a man’s circus entourage. Remi was raised, taught, loved by this man, and went through all kinds of struggles to make a living and fight for his own life.

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Marlot’s descriptive voice is captivating, and you will find yourself lost in the story as if you were there with Remi every step of the way. You’ll laugh and cry together with him, and be affirmed once again that goodness awaits the good. The novel is a good read for intermediate-level English learners who want to improve their language skills and enjoy a story at the same time. The book has also been made into several movies. Heartwarming and light, the movies will be a perfect pick for a night in with friends and family.

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