Why you should read Franz Kafka’s ‘The Trial’

You have just woken up on the morning of your birthday when you found two guards inside your house, waiting to arrest you for a crime whose nature you do not know, nor did you commit.

How do you react?

Book Cover for the trial published by Penguin Random House. Source: Penguin Random House

This just might have been the question on Joseph K.’s mind when the exact matter happened to him in ‘The Trial’. Follow K. in Kafka’s famous unfinished novel as he proceeds to spend the rest of the book trying to uncover the root of his arrest as well as to prove his innocence—only to fall into a deeper, darker hole every time he seems to have found a way out. Do not expect too much in the ending to clear everything up in this one, because the only thing that became clear to K. was that he never truly knew anything.

‘The Trial’ will take you into a world of bureaucracy where you are judged for what you will never know and by who you will never see, under a system that seemingly rules over everyone and yet is run by no one. You shall fight and struggle with all your might and will until you finally realize, during your very last breath, that you never stood a chance. This kind of nightmarish story is so characteristic throughout Franz Kafka’s work that we have coined a word after him to describe it in real life: Kafkaesque. So, although it is indeed only fiction, ‘The Trial’ might just bring you to the unpleasant realization that the very world we live in is in itself a Kafkaesque one…

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