What is “Hypebeast”?

For many young people worldwide and even in Vietnam, making personal statements are no longer expressed through words alone but also through their clothing style and brands. This phenomenon is seen accompanied by a wave of trend in fashion capitalized by exclusivity, expensive price tag and most importantly the “hype” around certain garments. To ride this fashion “wave”, the most important factor is to stay on top of the competition by acquiring the best and latest clothing with the most “hype” as a statement of personal prestige. Those who follow this trend are known as “hypebeast” and this article will go into a few details on what the term means and the characteristics of a "hypebeast".

Source: Voir Fashion

What is “hype” and “hypebeast”?

The term “hypebeast” generally describes someone who is devoted to acquiring clothes that are fashionable. These can range from clothes, shoes to accessories and other items in a wide array of brands. The term itself is a combination of the word “hype” and “beast” which also underlines its meaning. The word “hype” refers to something that is fashionable, desirable or having good publicity perception based on its exclusivity, price tag among other factors. “Beast” on the other hand refers to something “formidable”. Taking this into account, “hypebeast” can be interpreted as someone who is highly regarded and “formidable” in terms of acquiring clothes that are fashionable and “hype”.

Characteristics of a “hypebeast”

A hypebeast is typically someone who would own lots of clothes deemed to be fashionable and widely regarded in the fashion community. For a start, luxurious and sport brands are often producers for these types of clothes with notable brands including Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Supreme and Air Jordan Brand among many more. Indeed, the price for owning these garment that are “hype” are not cheap as many of these desirable clothes are founded on their exclusivity and the price tag that comes with it. In a survey carried out by HYPEBEAST, 54% of customers reported spending $100-$500 on clothes each month and 56% reported spending an average of $100-$300 on a single item. In other words, it costs a lot of money to become a “hypebeast”.

Source: Hypebeast

Should you become a hypebeast?

For this decision, it is ultimately up for each person to decide for themselves. While some may find thrill through collecting and owning highly regarded clothing, others may not. As with anything, be sure to keep in mind the potential drawback of pursuing the “hypebeast” lifestyle. Especially for the average Vietnamese household, spending $100 or more on a single clothing garment might not be the ideal option. Regardless, if you can afford these high-end clothes then it surely can be an enjoyable hobby.





Cover Photo Credit: Voir Fashion