Giant Tech Conflict: The Fight Against Monopoly Or Protecting Users' Security?

Apple and a few other tech companies, notably Epic Games and Spotify, are battling the legal battle on the ground of strict regulation set by the California-based giant.

Source: The Economic Times

The hassle started with the removal of Epic game's Fortnite by Apple out of platform after the gaming studio allegedly offered a discount on its virtual currency for purchases made outside of the app, where Apple does not receive a share out of the money generated.

Apple's reason behind its action is stated as a response to the violation of the Appstore's guideline, with the California-based giant stating that it is "disappointed" to have had to terminate Epic Games out of its platform. In response, Epic Games started a lawsuit against Apple with its goal of "toppling" a "walled garden" set up by the company to lock out competition.

Rebutting the accusation, Apple's chief executive Tim Cook emphasizes his company's effort to keep its platform free of malicious software and create a safe place for customers. Cook further emphasizes the guideline as "putting the user at the center of everything [Apple] do," and its action has "nothing to do with money."

Nevertheless, Epic Games' rally against Apple has attracted multiple developers, including big names like Spotify, in its lawsuit. The initiative, called the Coalition for App Fairness, calls for a cut in the share demanded by Apple on developers using its platform and petitions for the so-called Apple's "monopoly" to end.

So... who's in the wrong?

It's difficult to fall onto one side or the other conclusively, given the seemingly different claims from both sides of the spectrum. While Epic Games call for what they believe to be a "fairer" share demanded from Apple on its platform, Apple instead insisted its process protects the security and benefits of its users. While one can feel more compelled to one reasoning over the other, these two claims clearly do not address the same issue: one deals with the idea of security, while the other the call for "anti-monopoly."

As of now, the trial continues with argument trial expected to take place next week and the judge's ruling to follow swiftly a few weeks after. Until then, the legal battle continues.

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