June Football Recap

The past month has been an exciting one for football fans both in Vietnam and around the world. As July comes, let’s recap on the notable events in June:

1. Vietnam’s Journey in the World Cup 2022 Qualifiers

June has been a great month for Vietnamese football fans as the Vietnamese national team successfully reached the Third Ground Qualifier for the first time in history. With the impressive record of 2 wins and 1 narrowing defeat, Vietnamese fans have reasons to be hopeful for another fruitful run in the upcoming round.

Source: FIFA

The Third ground Group will be determined on the 1st of July with Vietnam being placed in Group 6 with Lebanon and placed among the lower end of the participating teams in terms of FIFA score and ranking. Regardless of the result, history has been made for Vietnamese football

Source: Dan Tri

2. UEFA Euro 2020

Despite starting a year late due to the pandemic outbreak, the UEFA Euro is as exciting as ever. After multiple surprising results such as the Swiss’s triumph against the French to the sensational win of Belgium over Portugal, the upcoming Quarter Finals and Finals in July is surely a must-watch for football fans in Vietnam and worldwide alike.

Source: Sporting News

3. 2021 Copa America

On the other side of the world is another exciting tournament that has also been in progress for the past month. With the Quarterfinals starting on July 2nd, participating teams such as Peru, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina, and Ecuador will begin their last few matches for their bid as the league’s champion.

Source: Marca.com

4. V-League 1 2021

For Vietnamese fans who want to see their national heroes play while waiting for the Third Ground of the WC Qualifiers, the V-league is a good place to do so. With only a few dozen matches left, the race for the highest title of Vietnamese domestic football is getting more and more exciting. HAGL is now at the top of the board after a successful run this season while the powerful Hanoi FC currently resides at the 7th position, promising a thrilling run in July.

Source: kinhtedothi.vn

With so many exciting upcoming football events in June as well as the upcoming July, football fans surely have a lot of reasons to be excited. The only downside is probably the lack of sleep that many will have catching up with all these games!








Cover photo Credit: VOV