I watched the entire “How I met your mother” series so you don’t have to

“How I met your mother” is an American sitcom released in 2005 and created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bay. It has a total of 9 seasons revolving around Ted Mosby and his group of friends in Manhattan, New York City. This series has a score of 8.3/10 on IMDB!!!

Source: CBS

I am heavily addicted to this series and have watched it twice already. You will see me laughing like a maniac while watching the series. I watch it when I’m eating or bored, or in the midst of crying over some boys. The purpose of this article is to show you the life advice that this series gives me.

Ted Mosby, an absolute loser in love, is the type of guy who says “I love you” on the first date. Marshall and Lily are a stable couple who seem to have their lives all together. Barney is “16 on the inside, but 30 on the outside”. Robin, the Canadian girl, faced multiple difficulties when she moved to the States.

Anyways, let’s get back to the life advice I get! Ted Mosby once said: “You can’t cling to the past because no matter how tightly you hold on, it’s already gone.” I really relate to this statement. I always wish I could have done things differently, like not meeting someone who I deeply love. This quote tells you that, if things have gone by, let it go. You have to live for your future self and grow up. Another of my favorite quotes is: “The universe has a plan, and that plan is always in motion.” I see myself in this quote. I always think everything happens for a reason. The universe has a plan for which things are the best for me. Whenever I have a moody day, I’m going to remind myself that great things are waiting.

Throughout the series, we get to know each character slowly. Each character taught us life lessons and how to be the best version of ourselves. I promise you, How I met your mother will be an emotional ride. Thank you, “How I met your mother”, for being there for me when I feel the most lost.

I am not going to spoil anything. If you finish watching this series, “How I met your father” is in the making! While watching this, grab some ice cream and let all your stress melt away.