How to stay on track with home workouts

As the lockdown continues and many are forced to stay home, working out at home has become the norm for those who want to stay in shape or improve their health both physically and mentally during the pandemic. Yet, as you may have known, being consistent with home work-out can be challenging and can even become a burden for many after a while. So how can you stay on track with your work-out plans at home? Here are a few tips that you can try.

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1. Have a clear and feasible workout plan

The first tip that you need to know to stay on track with your plan is…having a good plan. By having a “good” plan, it is one that is clear and feasible for your current athletic abilities. By having a clear workout plan, you can also be more consistent with progressing in different exercises and avoid repetition while having a feasible plan will avoid burn out if the exercise is too easy or too hard for you. For instance, if you are starting out, try aiming for 5 to 8 reps of push-ups for 3 sets before going to 8-12 reps instead of doing push-up randomly or sporadically without keeping track.

2. Eating right

One of the main drives to stay consistent with any work-out regimen is motivation. In terms of working out, motivation can be seen through the changes in physical features or an improve in mood and mental health. This fact is easy to see, as no one would do exercises that doesn’t bring any positive results. Therefore, you can maximize this motivation drive by eating right as this can improve your physique and makes your muscles more visible. Ideally, try aiming for a slight calorie deficit (about 200 calories off than your maintenance level) or simply eating at maintenance calorie level. For more detail on these terms, you can look at these articles:

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3. Discipline Over Motivation

While motivation is a good starting point for your fitness journey, it cannot be relied upon for consistency. Regardless of how excited or “motivated” you are to start a workout regimen; it is undoubtedly true that you will eventually feel bored and tired as the exercises get harder through time. As such, discipline is the most important factor for being consistent, and in the long run can benefits you more than motivation can ever be. As the old saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”-so are muscles and a healthy physique and lifestyle!

4. Remember why you’re working out

This ties in with the previous point about discipline. When you feel “worn out” before starting your workout or feel like giving up mid-exercise, think about why you start working out in the first place. Regardless of whatever the reason maybe, the takeaway key is that you have chosen to work out because it matters to you. While this tip may sound simple, it can go a long way in bringing out the inner you that yearns for changes and improvement.

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5. Remember to admire your hard work (aka. You!)

The final tip to always keep in mind is to admire your hard work, and this can be done in a multitude of ways. If you are someone who work out for a better physique, take some time to flex those muscles in the mirror from time to time (or as frequently as you’d like!). If you are those who pursue fitness for better mood and attitude, appreciate the improvement in your mental health; and if you are someone who yearns for a healthier lifestyle through working out then remember to smile knowing that your body benefits greatly through those hard works that you’ve put in! One of the most common factors in contributing to giving up is a sense of “emptiness” when you forget to admire your accomplishment. Any improvements are great, and through sweat and hard work you deserve to admire your hard work (aka. You!).

Working out and being consistent with a fitness regimen is never as simple as it sounds, and there will undoubtedly be times when it will be hard to keep up. Regardless of why you choose to workout, remember that ultimately it benefits you both physically and mentally. For an extra boost of motivation and confidence, consider the following quote from Barack Obama:

“Nothing in life that’s worth anything is easy”

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