How to make the most of your summer during a pandemic

After a year of hard work, summer is officially here to give us a much needed respite! Traditionally, summer is synonymous with traveling, beach vacations, and a lot of outdoor fun with friends and family, but this summer might look a lot different as we’re still fighting the pandemic. Does that mean we can’t enjoy our summer to the fullest? Absolutely not! Here are some ways we can utilize our time indoors to make this summer fulfilling and productive:

Source: GoodtoKnow

1. Recharge

Before you do anything else, relax! Take some time off from your to-do list and do all the things you wanted to do but had to put off because of schoolwork. Watch that TV show, try that workout plan, cook up nice meals with friends and family, and indulge in a full day of self-care, whatever that means to you. Take this much needed break to fuel yourself physically and mentally, so at the end of summer you’ll emerge to be a healthier and happier version of yourself.

2. Declutter

Have you heard the phrase “Clean space, clean mind”? Use this time indoors to clean out every aspect of your space, from clothes and school supplies to your devices. Examine what you own and put aside what you don’t need anymore. You can either recycle, donate, pass the items to someone else, or discard them. For books and school notes that you don’t need anymore, sell them or give them away to underclassmen. You’ll feel a lot lighter afterwards and be ready to refresh once school starts again.

3. Organize

Once you’ve cleaned out the things you don’t need anymore, it’s time to organize what you do keep. Give your room a makeover so that it fits your summer plan and aesthetic. Want to workout more or play the ukulele more often? Roll up your yoga mat or hang your ukulele in a visible space. Dedicate a place for each category of items so they’re easily accessible. Don’t forget your digital space too - clean up your apps, photos, documents, and make sure you have the important ones backed up.

4. Plan ahead

It’s never too early to set goals for the upcoming school year and start working towards it. Look further into the future to ask yourself where you’d want to be in 3 years and work backwards. What steps would you need to take each year to get there, and how can you start now? Planning and envisioning your future can be very exciting, but remember to set realistic goals that will keep you motivated each step of the way. Whether your goal is to get into a dream university or growing your own Youtube channel, this summer is the perfect time to start working towards it!

5. Learn something new

I know, I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes at this one. “I just got out of school and you’re telling me to study again?” Well, this is a chance for you to learn what excites you! I’m sure each of us have something that we always say we’d learn when we have enough time - a new language, music instrument, coding, or a new craft. No time is better than now - get yourself that workbook or online course and get started right away. Picking up new hobbies will make time spent in quarantine fly by much more pleasantly.

6. Work on a personal project

Ultimately, summer is a chance to invest in yourself and the things you’re passionate about. If there is a social cause that you didn’t have the chance to work on during the school year, get a few friends together and start a project together. This is one way to help our community out and preserve a sense of connection during this difficult time. You’ll learn a lot and make some friends along the way, and most importantly, you’ll add meaning to your summer, making it a time you’ll look back at with a smile :)

Cover Photo Credit: Pascal Campion